South West / 10.06.17 / Exeter School

National Series 2017        
Event/Date/Location:  South West  / 10.06.17 / Exeter School    
3x 400m/2x 49.5mm Heats and Finals        
Placing Name Surname Time
National Finalist
q=Previously Qualified for the National Final
Mixed YOUTH FINAL          
GOLD Myles Hunt 00:07:35 Q    
SILVER Flora Gray 00:07:41 Q    
BRONZE Oliver Irons 00:07:59 Q    
  Jonathan Panton 00:08:31 Q    
  Tom Gray 00:10:50 Q    
Mixed JUNIOR/SENIOR FINAL            
GOLD Will Austin 00:06:22 Q    
SILVER Thomas Bayley 00:06:51 Q    
BRONZE Tom Bate 00:07:18 Q - Senior    
  Charlie Williams 00:07:40 Q    
  Ollie  Clark 00:08:31 Q    
Mixed TEAM RELAY          
GOLD Team 1 Charlie Williams, Benny Whitehead, Gabe Tamblyn 00:09:04      
SILVER Team 2 Alessandra Šljivić , Flora Gray,
Tom Gray
BRONZE Team 3 Will Toms,
Tom Metcalf,
Jonathan Panton
HEAT 1            
  First Name Surname Heat Time Category Qualified SW Final Qualified NATIONAL Final
1st Myles Hunt 00:07:05 Youth Men Q National Finalist (YM)
2nd Flora Gray 00:07:33 Youth Women Q  National Finalist (YW)
3rd Tom Gray 00:08:26 Youth Men Q National Finalist (YM)
4th Alessandra  Šljivić 00:08:54 Youth Women   National Finalist (YW)
5th Rufus Sherville 00:09:01 Youth Men   National Finalist (YM)
6th Tom Metcalf 00:10:35 Youth Men    
7th Will Toms 00:11:29 Youth Men    
8th Samuel Frost 00:13:57 Youth Men    
HEAT 2            
1st Jonathan Panton 00:08:24 Youth Men Q National Finalist (YM)
2nd Oliver Irons 00:08:52 Youth Men Q National Finalist (YM)
3rd Max  Pullum 00:10:14 Youth Men    
4th Oliver Frost 00:10:28 Youth Men    
5th Ben Baxter 00:11:48 Youth Men    
6th Tom Irons 00:13:03 Youth Men    
7th Alex  O'Brien
Youth Men    
8th Harry Williams 00:13:50 Youth Men    
HEAT 3            
1st Thomas Bayley 00:06:26 Junior Men Q National Finalist (JM)
2nd Will Austin 00:07:18 Junior Men Q National Finalist (JM)
3rd Richard Harvey 00:08:45 Junior Men    
4th Patrick Gray 00:09:11 Junior Men    
  William Harvey DNS Junior Men    
HEAT 4            
1st Tom Bate 00:07:11 Senior Men Q National Finalist (SM)
2nd Ollie  Clark 00:07:46 Junior Men Q National Finalist (JM)
3rd Charlie Williams 00:07:54 Junior Men Q National Finalist (JM)
4th Gabriel Tamblyn 00:08:04 Junior Men   National Finalist (JM)
5th Benny Whitehead 00:08:50 Junior Men    
6th Daniel Wilcock 00:10:17 Junior Men    
7th James Gough 00:10:30 Junior Men